The Waterfalls in Spain

in Spain

A spectacle of life

Spain is one of the most amazing countries in the world. It has a lot to offer, starting with the impressive architectural and cultural heritage and ending with the breathtaking landscapes. The relief in Spain is special: both the sea and the mountains can be found together, in a unique place where people can go skiing in the morning and bathe in the sea in the afternoon. But the most amazing spectacle offered by nature is the abundance of waterfalls that can be found in the most unexpected places. Thousands of people come annually to Spain just for the waterfalls. If you are in search of a holiday idea, you've got yourself one! The waterfalls in Spain are something worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

Some of the most famous waterfalls in Spain

If you decide to go to Spain for its waterfalls, make sure that El Pozo de los Humos is on your list. It is found in the province of Salamanca, in the Arribes Del Duero Nature Reserve. The access to the waterfall is through Perena; a small, but welcoming village. There is one disadvantage: the road to the waterfall can be dangerous, as it is rocky and slippery, but you can hire someone from the village to help you get safely to the waterfall. The Salto Del Nervion is another wonderful waterfall. It is situated between two of the most beautiful provinces in Spain: Alava and Burgos. It is one of the waterfalls visited by those who enjoy going on little trips to experience nature at its best; this is because of the 3.5 kilometers track to the waterfall. It sounds tiring, but once you get there, you'll see how the water seems not to hit the ground; it seems like it disintegrates into vapors that rise back up to the top, just to come down one more time. In Ordesa National Park, the Cola de Caballo (horse's tail) i
s waiting for you. The track can only be followed by foot; it takes about three hours to get to the place where you will be the viewer of an amazing spectacle: its bottom.


When visiting waterfalls, you will be moving from place to place, so the best idea would be to rent villas. Villas are always situated in the villages that provide the best access to the waterfalls. The special thing about villas is that they offer accommodation conditions similar to those in hotels. In addition to that, you will be able to feel the spirit of the locals―their traditions and their culture.  

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The Waterfalls in Spain

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This article was published on 2010/09/30